About Us

Pura Osa Real Estate S.A. is owned and operated by Eric Rubin who has been involved in real estate consultation on the Osa Peninsula since the year 2000. Eric has been living full time on the Osa, off the grid on solar power and well water. He met his wife, Lilianna who is Costa Rican, in 2003. Together they have 2 Beautiful daughters. They have their own property near Playa Sombrero that is currently undergoing land usage zoning and reforestation. They have a vested interest in the community and the Peninsula. Eric speaks fluent spanish and has had many dealing with the local municipality and other government agencies. Eric has legal residency as well as permission to work. Eric is now a certified member of EcoBroker international. He is committed to educating property owners on low impact, energy efficient designs in their development to try to maintain the integrity of the Osa Peninsula and it's natural beauty.

 Pura Osa Real Estate is committed to finding the right piece of property for your needs. Pura Osa Real Estate will be there to help with the follow up neccessary to make sure the paperwork gets through the Costa Rican Legal system. Having intimate knowledge of the area and people gives Pura Osa Real Estate the edge when it comes to connecting new property owners with the goods and services of the Osa Peninsula.

Additional information and references and are available by request.